If you have already made a decision to have cosmetic procedure the next step is to find a name you can trust.


Moshit Diamond qualified as Beauty Therapist in 1993 and holds a Cidesco High International Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Beauty therapy became her lifetime passion. In 1999 Moshit opened Visage Dermalogical & Laser clinic in Stanmore and in 2016 she partnered with the Lotus Clinic in Finchley Road.  She has performed thousands of skin treatments since working in the Beauty Industry and gained a true understanding and experience of treatments and their benefits. 

‘It fascinated me to understand the function of our skin and its properties, learning and researching skin pathologies and their causes. During that time I have always been searching to implement the  the best treatments available for acne, pigmentation in all its forms and the treatment of aging skin. During years of treating skin conditions I have learnt that conventional Medicine didn’t have all the answers to skin conditions and their causes’.

Moshit then chose to study Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine since she recognised that conventional medicine  treated the skin condition yet, did not  address enough attention to the causes.

Moshit Diamond graduated  from the College of  Naturopathic Medicine after 5 years of studying Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy. She currently practices and implements Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy to aid conventional medicine to treat the skin problems as part of our whole body and mind. She strongly believes that the combination of nutrition and herbal medicine as well as naturopathic lifestyle can complement conventional medicine and has managed to cure and improve all types of skin conditions and their causes.

Aesthetic medicine was a great interest of Moshit’s and after completing her NVQ 6 in injectable fillers and the treatment of botulinum toxins, she has continued to carry out further advanced treatments such as: advanced injectable fillers, plasma and platelet mesotherapy. Moshit Diamond is passionate about delivering treatments in the most professional and safest way available. She enjoys making a difference to improving aging features and other skin imperfections.

“My belief is to treat the individual concerns in the most natural and biological compatible way that our body recognizes what nature has to offer”.