It is a new name for ‘Advanced Electrolysis’ plus all the new additional techniques. This speciality treatment uses either Short Wave Diathermy (High Frequency A/C) or Blend (a mixture of A/C and D/C) to remove unwanted skin blemishes with no mark left on the skin.

Did you know that most skin blemishes can be permanently removed with just one 15-minute treatment? Many people are not aware of this, simply accepting their skin problem without seeking treatment, believing they have no other choice. 

We often spot blemishes when our clients are undergoing laser hair removal or other treatments. When we point out the blemishes, they are surprised that we can remove them permanently with only one 15-minute treatment.


Advanced electrolysis cosmetic procedures available at Visage include removal of:

- Skin TagsSpider naevus
Age spotsSeborrheic keratoses 
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra- Milia
- Common warts- Campbell De Morgan