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Using different types of method to exfoliate and renew the skin, our skin care professional can then use various types of chemical peels in different strengths to combat aging skin, sun damage, pigmentation abnormalities and acne.

 £65 per treatment 


Is the new non-invasive powered stand-alone drug delivery system incorporating Dermoelectroporation Technology to deliver ionic drugs solution into the body for medical and aesthetic purposes. Dermoelectroporation technology is considered to be an incredible procedure that allows the transdermal delivery of a substance of the operator’s choice, which is otherwise not absorbed by the skin because of the typology and dimension of their molecules. Dermoelectroporation increases the skins permeability by using the skins own water based channels, opened by a particular controlled current delivered to the patient thereby allowing the substances to be absorbed into the hypodermis and muscle membranes.

The system has been FDA approved for the local administration of Iconic drug solutions into the body for medical and aesthetic purposes. Used for treating ACNE, PIGMENTATION and SKIN REJUVENATION.

Starts from £85 per treatment

Transderm and Accent £120 per treatment

A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance cell function and restores skin to its youthful appearance. SWiCH™ gives the professional skin specialist a treatment that performs beyond the results achievable with non-surgical procedures and chemical peels. Excellent for aging, sun damaged, photo-damaged or environmentally-damaged skin

£85 per treatment

Acne is the most common skin problem. Up to more than 80% of the population suffers from Acne sometimes in their lifetime. We use various peels and specialized ingredients to tailor the treatment and the home products specifically to the needs of the individual. The germicidal action and anti-inflammatory effect makes it extremely beneficial on all grades of acne.

£65 per treatment

Tackling all pigmentation disorders:


-Post Inflammatory

-Sun damaged skin

-Post Acne Inflammatory

Using unique ingredients and prescribed pigmentation products and treatments. Using different types of peels to eliminate pigmentation.

Please call for free skin consultation prior to treatment.

Following a consultation our skin care professional can use various types of chemical peels in different strengths to combat aging skin, sun damage, pigmentation abnormalities and acne.  Chemical peels include glycolic, salicylic, lactic and mandelic acids to achieve best results tailored for skin type and skin condition. Fantastic for back and chest acne and pigmentation.

From £55

Combined with facial from £65 

Exfoliation treatment which removes dead skin cells eliminates blocked pores and helps smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, achieving a smooth, radiant and glowing appearance.
this facial is combined with transderm needle free meso therapy which will allow as to penetrate essential formulas in to the skin for an affective skin rejuvenation.

From £65.00 

The award winning caci micro current system is the most publicised salon treatment system available using specific micro current to lift your facial muscles resulting in improving skin tone, elasticity and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Single treatment £50.00
Course of ten £450.00

This very relaxing facial starts with back massage, uses special massage techniques to penetrate antioxidants, vitamins A/C/E into the skin to rehydrate and build up the skin's immunity.

£65 per treatment 

Featuring unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes and exclusive formulations, thesse solutions allows every patient-regardless of skin type, gender or age- to achieve continuously healthy skin.



Treatments using prescribed products and unique protocols to correct medical skin conditions.



Efffective solution for cleansing, activating, stimulating, calming, nourishing, and protecting skin.



Minimized UV exposure reduces photo damage and improves overall skin health.



Designed to prevent occurrence of persistent skin problems and keep skin healthy and youthful looking




MICRO NEEDLING: if its good enough for celebs!

Micro-Needling, also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a break-through remedy for the treatment of wrinkles and pigmentation, scars (including burn scars, acne scars and surgical scars) and stretch marks. This revolutionary treatment has been popular with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore.

When asked by a US magaazing PEOPLE Jennifer Ansiton quoted micro needling as her favourite to keep her youthful skin: "I do micro-needling! I just learned about it a couple months ago from a facialist in New York. It allows the serums and whatever products you’re using to really soak in"

Clinical studies have shown that micro needling produces channels in the dermis which sufficiently stimulate the body’s natural defenses to repair and produce concentrated amounts of collagen and proteins to the treated areas of skin. This results in the skin’s thickness increasing by up to 80% and results in smoothing scars, visibly reducing stretch marks and drastically diminishing wrinkles. Micro-Needling can be administered on the face, neck and hands and can produce drastic results in just one treatment.

we offer demapen facials we use rejuvinting ampules and masks for the treatments for

acne scars

erase fine lines


price starts from £85 to £120

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